Film Club

At Kino Forward we look to showcase different traditions of socialist film-making that goes beyond the usual social realism normally associated with the Left. Instead we want to bring you explosive forms; from the avant-garde to pulp, the grotesque to the beautiful, and film that in some way show us that another world is possible!

Cinema has always been one of the most important art forms for the left and we hope that our selection will be used by people to start their own film clubs. We think the cinema should be a collective experience and should not be reduced to the isolation of a Netflix interface. So although we are starting with a streaming site we hope that Kino Forward will become a resource for a wider revitalisation of the long established tradition of socialist film clubs. Don't watch films alone when you can watch them with comrades!

There will always be ten films on the site and each film will stay up for a month. You can also request previously platformed films by contact us directly. If you’d like to organise your own film screening we can help you set it up by either assisting with an online screening or providing the film for you.

We are trying to incorporate many aspects of left politics from worker's struggles, revolutionary moments, all types of liberation struggles and resistance from oppressed groups. We don't pretend to know all the great films out there so please contact us if you want to make a request and we'll see what we can do. Check out our upcoming films here

Kino Forward attempts to bring you high quality versions of the films we shown, so if you are watching on your mobile beware of your data allowance!